Saturday, November 22, 2008

Jason Bonsignore

Never forget Jason Bonsignore. 4th overall pick in the 1994 NHL Entry Draft. Jason Bonsignore is probably the worst draft pick in Edmonton Oilers history. He was garbage. He couldn't cut it. So we packaged him up with Bryan Marchment and Steve Kelly and sent him off to Tampa Bay for... get ready... Roman Hamrlik and Paul Comrie. You might know Paul's brother - Mike Comrie.

It's interesting that we love acquiring local players for the Oilers, unless they're named Jarome Iginla or Shane Doan or Jay Boumeester. I guess we'd rather have Joffrey Lupul, Mike Comrie, and Paul Comrie.

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Double said...

Don't forget
Joe Hulbig
Steve Kelly
Matthieu Descoteaux
Michel Riesen
Michael Henrich
Jani Rita