Friday, November 21, 2008

Killa Craig

MacTavish missed the 1984-1985 season after being convicted of vehicular homicide, having struck and killed a young woman while he was driving under the influence of alcohol. MacTavish pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide and driving under the influence of alcohol in an accident the night of January 25, 1984 in Peabody, MA. Kim Radley, 26, of West Newfield, ME, died four days later of injuries sustained in the crash. MacTavish spent a year in jail as punishment for this offence. While incarcerated, he did manage to watch most of the games that were televised. After MacTavish was released from prison, the Bruins, feeling he deserved a fresh start, subsequently offered to let him out of his contract. MacTavish accepted.

After murdering some lady, he became a perennial 3rd line NHL grinder. Eventually, he was promoted to head coach of the Edmonton Oilers where he's been able to mold an entire generation of Edmonton players into perennial 3rd line NHL grinders. Somewhere, Mark Lamb is loving how the Oilers play hockey. And Esa Tikkanen. And Dave Samenko. Gritty hockey with a lot of heart.

This tradition is continiuing - who are we grooming for our next head coach? Kelly Buchburger. I respect Kelly for having a lot of heart, but that's all he's got. He's all heart. I don't want a team of Craig MacTavish clones to be replaced by Kelly Buchburger clones.

I still feel like MacT is still DUI.

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