Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Shawn Horcoff - Rap Fan

When asked if he prefers Rock or Rap, Shawn Horcoff selected Rap. I think I like Shawn Horcoff a little bit more today, especially after finding that most hockey players have the worst taste in everything. For example, Sam Gagner's favorite band of all time is 3 Doors Down.


astar said...

Hmm. Mr. Horcoff's tastes are definitely more eclectic than I would have guessed. Also, elite. Probably he will run the company some day.

Christopher said...

what's the deal with the Roller Coaster?

Christopher said...

....also: Math and Rap? If only there was a choice between Communism and Capitalism. Horc and Levin could be more similar than you'd think