Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sometimes it hurts

Sometimes it hurts to look at the schedule and wonder - can they actually beat the LA Kings? LA is a team we should beat. But somehow, they're 8-9, and we're only 9-9. We're not exactly a dominant team. An early goal or two from whatever goalie out of the trifecta we choose, and suddenly the world of the Oilers falls apart.

Then it's just shots from Souray at the point, flashes of brilliance from Hemsky, and broken up passing plays. And why, might you ask? Because we have the same offensive strategy that we've always had.

1. Dump the puck.
2. Chase the puck.
3. Lose the puck.
4. Occasionally create a turn over.
5. Try and put it on net.

Go Oilers Go.

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