Saturday, December 20, 2008

Joey Moss

Joey. Joey Moss. For those who aren't familiar, Joey Moss is the locker room assistant for the Edmonton Oilers. Once upon a time, Wayne Gretzky was dating Joey's sister and asked Sather to give him a job, based on Joey's work ethic.

Joey has down syndrome, and he's probably the biggest Oilers fan in the world. No one cheers louder, or sings the national anthem with more gusto, or supports the Oilers more than Joey Moss. He doesn't even benefit financially from their success.

And while Joey does have down syndrome, he's a perfect example of a fan. He's the logical extension of people who post on or with names like PennerFan, Horc4EvR, HemskysWife, oilurzgurl, and the like. He's the extreme fan.

I got love for the fans, but they don't help the Oilers improve as a team. We need public criticism and scrutiny. Unless you're Joey Moss, be real. Don't be a fan for the sake of cheering.


Christopher said...

you've gone too far Pokey.

Bradley said...

Pokey we miss you baby!