Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sir Sudafed - Jari Kurri

Jari likes his pills.

In the days before the steroid scandals in the MLB, hockey had it's own doping paranoia. Not steroids, not cocaine, but Sudafed. Yes, once over-the-counter Sudafed.

From Sports Illustrated, January 28th 1998. 'Jari Kurri, the respected 17-year veteran right winger of the Colorado Avalanche, says some of the dirty play in recent years might be a result of players having had something more than the usual competitive juices flowing through their systems. He suggests a link between the use of pseudoephedrine and the increasing lack of respect NHL players have shown each other in this decade. "You take it, you get hyped up," says Kurri, who also says that he took Sudafed once before a game last season when he was with the Anaheim Mighty Ducks. "I don't know if the stickwork, the dirty hits, are because of that, but I think it's something the league should look into."'

Apparently, the Oilers have a history with pills.

From Sports Illustrated, January 28th 1998. "[When I played for Edmonton], I remember somebody walking [from the back of the dressing room] with a little jar, and he used to rattle it, and it sounded like a snake," says Moog, who spent five full seasons with the Oilers, from 1982-83 to '86-87. "We used to call [the tablets] 'rattlers.' [He'd say,] 'Anybody want a rattler?'

Maybe we can see if Rexall has anything in development?

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Anonymous said...

Coincidence that the oilers are in bed with pharmacy now? Probably. I need some more here, blogger. Did Kurri kill a kid while on the rattlers? Did he make a love child with wayne that became petr klima? How many times was Marchant touched inappropriately? Will finding a kid to drunk-drive-kill MacT reverse our fortunes?